Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patricks Day In Minocqua

St. Pat's Day Specials
Chicken Dumpling
(Chicken and Vegetables all brought together with homemade dumplings)
(Greek egg lemon)
Corned Beef and Cabbage
(A special delight in a cream base)
1/2 SANDWICH SPECIALFresh Corned Beef on Light Rye
with your choice of a cup of soup (Monday-Friday (11:00-2:00) NO SUBS OR ALTERATIONS)$6.75
Fresh Corned Beef
served with butter on Light Rye Bread and Pickle$7.10
SPECIALS without the salad bar
Gourmet Meatloaf Special
served with Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, Gravy, and a freshly baked baguette $10.50
Veal Pot Roast
Tender Veal Pot Roast served with an array of vegetables and new red potatoes with a touch of gravy $10.50
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Tender Corned Beef and Cabbage with baby reds mashed with Rutabagas, carrots and onions served with a light sauce and side of light rye bread $10.50
Crystal's Wisdom Of The Day
March 17th, 2008
Optimisim is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.


Blogger Frank said...

Crystal and George,
I'm looking forward to another summer with you all!
And I wouldn't mind helping out. I love The Island Cafe. Many wonderful memories have been cooked up there.

May 13, 2008 at 6:35:00 PM GMT-4  

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